Monday, June 8, 2015

Barcamp Brno 2015 - video recordings and slides

By tradition, SuperLectures processed and hosts video recordings of Barcamp Brno 2015 conference. It is remarkable that the number of conference attendees is still growing and this year it exceeded 1500. In addition to video recordings and slides, we have also some news that will come handy especially when being offline.

  • Audeliver - subscribe to the Barcamp Brno 2015 podcast feed from your podcast app and download all or selected lectures into you device.
  • Sinkronigo - do you read e-books? Now you can download Barcamp Brno 2015 lectures as e-books. However, this is limited to the lectures having at least one slide. We recommend you to use any Kobo reader that also supports playing audio synchronized with slides.

We are sure you will enjoy over 40 interesting video lectures. And if this is not enough for you, watch lectures of any previous Barcamp Brno conference.