Tuesday, January 4, 2022

InterSpeech 2021 - video recordings and slides

INTERSPEECH is the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. INTERSPEECH conferences emphasize interdisciplinary approaches addressing all aspects of speech science and technology, ranging from basic theories to advanced applications.

The theme of INTERSPEECH 2021 held in Brno, Czechia, is Speech everywhere. Speech is also becoming an indispensable part of all AI systems and no longer considered an isolated block. We are seeing the emergence of larger systems that treat speech, vision, language, interfaces, external knowledge in an integrated way, and learn multi-modal embeddings, or otherwise jointly optimize performance. Speech everywhere also requires speech engineering to become more aware of the principles of human speech communication processes, and we therefore specifically encourage contributions in human speech processing.

In addition to regular oral and poster sessions, INTERSPEECH 2021 featured plenary talks by internationally renowned experts, tutorials, special sessions and challenges, show & tell sessions, and exhibits. A number of satellite events took place around INTERSPEECH 2021.

Video recordings: https://www.superlectures.com/interspeech2021

Conference website: https://www.interspech2021.org