Thursday, June 30, 2011

ICASSP 2011 done and ready.

Yesterday, 254 recordings of oral presentations given at ICASSP 2011 were published. These are only the recordings for which we were granted permission to make them publicly available. Dozens of presentations could not be published because their presenters didn't allow us to do so in the consent form. Unfortunately, we also lost several recordings due to hardware or audio failure. More details are available in our previous post.

The indexed ICASSP 2011 is available here. We hope you will enjoy it and find the service helpful.

The website offers you:
  • to watch videos.
  • to search in audio, slides, paper titles, abstracts and author names/institutions.
  • to share your comments (if you register).
We would like to kindly ask you to fill in our user survey. Overall, we have three user surveys prepared. Except for the one mentioned above, we are going to ask presenters to give us their opinion on our recording service. The last questionnaire is designed for more experienced users of our portal. So if you start using our service regularly, we would like to ask you for your evaluation of the

Thank you for being with us and enjoy the ICASSP 2011 conference again!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ICASSP 2011 - Early statistics

Many of us visited ICASSP 2011 three weeks ago. I hope that you enjoyed visiting Prague and got safe back home. You probably noticed our guys with tripods and cameras recording oral talks. The lucky ones could have taken a taste of the Pilsner beer and saw demo at our booth.

Now, we and our CPUs are working hard to bring you indexed recordings. I'm going to share some statistics with you before we have everything ready.

Formally, there were 4 Plenary talks, 13 Expert sessions given and 430 oral talks organized in 72 sessions. Six of us were doing recordings in parallel for 4 days. We operated with four FULL HD cameras (1920x1080) and two standard cameras (1024x576).

Practically, we produced 103 hours and 1.2 TB of data. 100 talks were recorded with multiple audio streams (a close talk mic, a camera mic (a distant mic), low-cost voice recorder was placed on the lectern). Frankly, we were not able to record several talks due to problems with our equipment (equipment failure or HUM audio).

Every presenter was asked to fill-in a consent form to grant us rights for later data treatment. We got back 431 filled consent forms from overall 443 forms. The presenters marked "Do not use" in 42 cases, "Research only" in 97 cases and "Public and Research" in 298 cases. The average presenter's age is 32 by the way.
We got 376 slide presentations which were converted to PDFs. Actually, we are missing the slide presentation for 61 talks. If your presentation page at does not include slides, send it to us by email please. We will attach them.

Is there any audio or video in your slides? Do you want to let people see/listen to them? Send us links and we will also include them in to your presentation at

To conclude, we are going to publish 254 talks.

Do you want to know any more information? Drop a comment below.

Stay tuned,