Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SuperLectures gets detailed video stats

After a month of development, we release playback and traffic statistics that is continuously collecting. Unlike common video servers (YouTube, Vimeo), provides you with detailed video statistics (similarly to Wistia). reveals how much users get engaged while watching video recordings.

Before we start describing numbers and charts, we would like to get you acquainted with events we are monitoring. Our aim was to build a system collecting information about every important action that users perform while using These are events like when users start/stop watching the video, seek to a different time, replay a video part, click on a slide/link and many others. Having acquired a substantial amount of data, we have decided to build stats pages showing how users watch any video. To display nice interactive charts, we used very powerful Google Charts Tools.

Our stats pages are available at:

To see only basic stats data, you can switch to the information tab in our multimedia player. Below stats information text and graphs, there is a link for more complex data and interactive charts.

Now, let us introduce you several charts that provides. The first one is the daily audience chart. It displays how the whole event or a single video recording gained its audience through time. To deeper understand video daily audience, we plot two lines.
  • Views - the number of video views with a reasonable playback time
  • Well-Replayed - the playback time as a fraction of the video length (1 = playback of the whole video)
Looking at the x-axis, you can see for how long the stats data is being collected and when was the dramatic growth. This is mostly caused by someone having shared a link to the event or embedded our video player. Note that when hovering any chart line with the mouse, a tooltip is shown with the precise value.

The audience engagement chart comes greatly in handy to detect moments when any video recording loses or gains its audience. If the video recording is boring, people will probably stop watching it or try to seek for some interesting parts. Moving the cursor over any chart line, you will see a value in percent showing how much any video part was viewed. If you click, the video player starts playing the video from that moment. Displaying also a line of audience engagement in all event recordings, you can easily compare how well any single video recording performs - if it has been viewed above average, has kept its audience and vice versa. Usually, long video recordings lose its audience more than short ones. So, when comparing, consider also the video length.
We hope you will enjoy our stats! The stats data are generated once a day. As for our future plans, we are now thinking of a feature that will allow anyone to receive emails with stats reports for the whole event or a single video recording.