Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to share the best moment..

Hi folks,

We have added a simple feature allowing you to share a moment in the video. What is it good for?
  • There is something interesting or funny you want to share with others...
  • You are a lecturer and people often ask you to explain something. If you have already spoken about it, then send them a link with a particular time in your lecture. They can watch directly the part of your lecture where you are explaining the problem. You save their time...
To share the moment just click on a checkbox under the video...

...and then use one of the share buttons on the right.

Technically, a variable (start) with a start time is added to the shared URL after clicking the check box. The time value can be:
  • seconds ssss - 10 minutes and 21 seconds = 621 seconds
  • minutes and seconds mm:ss - 10:21
  • hours, minutes and seconds hh:mm:ss - 0:10:21

So enjoy your sharing.